The software subscribtions I buy in the black friday deals

Those are the things I will buy on this Black Friday.

Here's the list:

I will briefly discuss all of it.

P.S. I will also add an affiliate link option where possible, so if you use one, let me know, I have a nice freebie for you in return!


A web hosting service I use for hosting all my (and clients’) websites.

The deal is juicy but unfo cannot be applied for renewals.


I use it to build all my websites – from scratch.

It’s the tool that helped me to turn from a total newbie to a full-time freelance web designer in a couple of months.

For me, a no-brainer.

Rank Math

Rank Math is an SEO plugin that tries to replace the Yoast SEO.Also, the premium package ($200/year) allows you to have it on as many sites as you want.That’s pretty handy when you’re a freelancer and have many websites.

I use it to do a client’s outreach.

It helps me to get the email addresses from the website and then start a personalized email automatization.

The Black Friday sale is at 50%.

P.S. I will buy it just if I will plan to use it heavily.


I will use it for the complete automatization of my Instagram and Pinterest accounts.

The monthly Aurum subscription is $20/month.

On App Sumo, you can get it for $49 (lifetime license).

Fair deal to me. 

Check it.


FraseI will it for creating outlines and brainstorming thread ideas.

I’ve never used it before so will see.

On App Sumo, you can get it for $79 (lifetime license) instead of the normal $20/month.

P.S. Use to get $10 off (on top)–> clicked the link and open Black Friday deals on the App Sumo site.

Bonus: Wealthy Landing

This is my course on creating working pages. You can get it at 50% off. 

The code is: blackfriday 

If you want feel free to check course landing page here:

What Black Friday deals you consider to buy?

Let me know in comments

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