How to Get New Clients

How to get new clients is the question every freelancer asked once or ask regularly. This article provides you with the 13 ways of how to do that.

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Systems are better than goals

Systems are Better than Goals

Systems are better than goals. As Scott Adams puts it: “Goals are for losers”. Systems are powerful and they can be great leverage. This article is about how to use them.

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How to Guerrilla Test Your Website

Testing is the only way how can you tell for sure if something works or not. Even if you aren’t completely sure the good test may give you evidence-based hints about the direction to take.

So if you’re an content creator you want to test.

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How To Make a Recurring Income as a Web Designer

How to make a reccuring income as a web designer is a question I get a lot, how to make a recurring income as a web designer?

In other words: how to make a recurring income instead of one time sell.

Here are some of my most favorite ones.

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