9 Books I Re-read Every Year

Those are the nine books that truly speak to me, and I believe re-reading them every year is an INSANELY high ROI activity.

As Naval paraphrased: “I don’t want to read everything. I just want to read the 100 great books over and over again.”

Those are the nine books that truly speak to me, and I believe re-reading them every year is an INSANELY high ROI activity.

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Eric Jorgenson - The Almanack of Naval Ravikant

books I re-read every yea

Why? Naval influenced my thinking more than anybody else.

And even though he doesn’t write the book himself, the book is pretty solid.

The epub version is free:


P.S. Check him at


2.Kapil Gupta - Atmamun: The Path To Achieving The Bliss Of The Himalayan Swamis And The Freedom Of A Living God


This book was a massive game-changer for me. Because of its practicality, it’s the best spiritual book I’ve ever read.

3. Seneca - Peace of mind

Why? There’s a great reason why the book survived for almost 2000 years.If you wonder what is it, give it a read.Timeless wisdom.

4. @ScottAdamsSays - How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life

Why? This book is packed with enormously powerful mental models, presented in a way, that once you see them, they will stick with you forever.Whether you want it or not.

5. Nassim Nicholas Taleb - Antifragility

Why? I love all Taleb’s books, but Antifragility is probably the most powerful filter you can apply to reality in day-to-day life.It changed the way I think about systems and the world around us.P.S. Check him on Twitter at: @nntaleb

6. Spencer Johnson - Who Moved My Cheese

Why? A short story on how we still need to look around us and don’t sleep on opportunities.An important reminder in today’s ever-changing world.P.S. Don’t let the sort of people who normally speak about this book discourage you.

7. Hermann Hesse - Siddhartha

Why? The lessons presented in this beautiful fiction are more valuable than lessons in the 25 new best-selling business books combined.And they are well worth of reminding…

8. @robertvlach - The Freelance Way

Why? It’s a freelance bible. Whether you’re an experienced freelancer or a total newbie, you will learn something here.Every. Single. Time. you read it.

9. Leo Tolstoy - The Death of Ivan Illych

Why? Because you will die soon, and this is an enormously powerful and important reminder of it.

Do you have a book you (would like to) re-read every year?

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