Hollywood Model: What Is It And How to Take Advantage

Hollywood model is the future of work. Don't you believe me? Let me try to convince you.

What is it?

It refers to the way how professionals in Hollywood operate.

Basically, they’re a bunch of independent professionals, and when the project occurs they invite each other to collaborate on it.

Then they work like crazy for a couple of months.

Then get $ and their freedom back.

Why should you care about how the dudes in Hollywood work?

Because I believe it’s a future of work.

A bunch of (more or less) independent professionals who collaborate together on projects.

Whether you’re a Universal Pictures who needs to get the team of:

Or you’re a corporation that needs a team of:

Companies can get the top-notch people who would be unpayable to keep them full time in-house.

Individuals can be

  • highly specialized
  • increase the prices accordingly 
  • work with different people and learn from them

The system makes sense for both sides.

How to position yourself so you can take the maximum advantage of this?

There’re two parts of the positioning:

P.S. Article on learning the high-incom skill is HERE.

1. Be a pro

  • Know the craft.
  • Meet deadlines (be reliable)

That’s basically it.

2. Be known and pleasurable to work with

  • Good name/brand
  • Networking
  • Empathy
  • People/communication skills

Each of these is a complex topic but my main goal is to make bring a paradigm shift.

In a way that this part is even more important than the high-income skill…

You would be amazed by how often professionals will recommend somehow who they like to work with rather than the top pro for the job (who’s a pain to deal with).

Keep this in mind.

And if you will great things are waiting for you.

What do I mean by it?

hollywood model

You will enjoy the compound interest in a way you never expect to be even possible.

When you’re part of the freelancer’s group that invites each other to the projects you grow.

Nothing will stop you.

A real-life example of this?

Just google “The PayPal Mafia”

To sum it up:

If you:

  • Learn a high-income skill
  • Become a part of a network of high-quality professionals

The incoming cloud-based gig economy will be the place for you to thrive.

PS. Keep in mind @naval ‘s principle “Long-term games with long term people”.

Do you think the Hollywood model is the future of work or that I'm wrong in this one?

Let me know in comments

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