How to Get New Clients: Ultimate 13 Tips

Getting clients isn't easy, but with these tips, it will be much easier

Whether you just starting out or you’re an experienced freelancing beast you may want to get new clients. I will present you with 13 ways of how to do it. All of it is simple, none of it is easy. Or?

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1. Personalized cold-email.

  • Search [NICHE] + [WEBSITE]
  • Figure out how can you help
  • Send a polite and personalized email on how can you save your prospect $$$

Send 10 such emails every day.

You can use software like YAMM (free),


, or Lemlist.

2. Give a referral bonus to a friend

Tell your good friend that you will give them 20 % for every referral client (s)he will bring to you.If (s)he doesn’t want the $ let them use it as a discount for the end client.

4. Squeeze the end of the project

how to do remote work

Don’t try to get “just the reference” once the project is finished.Try to ask if the client can’t introduce you to anyone else, as you loved working with people such as him.Also, consider giving him a $/% incentive – if appropriate.

5. Create and use your network

how to get new clients

If you’re part of a network of other pros they will invite you into their projects.

And you will invite them.


If you aren’t part of such a network start building one.

The ROI is crazy.

The related to this is also the Hollywood Model I wrote about earlier.

6. Social media are your court

  • DM accounts you have sth to offer.
  • Join relevant FB groups and be helpful.
  • Optimize your profiles (and website) so it’s clear to people that they can hire you.

There are thousands of people who need you.

Go where they are.

7. Do a contest

how to get new clients
  • Here are examples of my work.Follow and RT this to be part of the contest where you can win a website draft from me.”You will get- Big exposure- Reference- Potential clients hooked by your portfolioSweet.P.S. Don’t do $ contents (rules + bots).

8. Focus on a niche market

If possible target a specific niche (e.g. Plumbers, Coffees, Building companies).

Rebrand your site according to the new niche.

Join the niche-relevant groups and provide value there.

P.S. Free web-design niche inspiration:

9. Apply for jobs at freelance platforms

You choose.

Apply for 10 gigs/day and you will get one.

Sooner or later.

10. Share your clients' testimonials

  • Incorporate it into your newsletter
  • Build a case study around it
  • Make a promo ad from it
  • Share it on your socials

Social proof has immense power.

Use it to your advantage.

11. Answer relevant questions on Quora and Reddit

People ask:

– How to make a website- How to create a swipe file

– How to get animation on your website

You know the answers.

Answer those questions often and you become the go-to guy. Both with questions and gigs.

12. Join your local co-working space

how to get new clients

Or at least attend the events in such a space. You will meet your target customers right there.Show you’re legit and if you can help them you will be shocked how often you will close the deal right there. Try it.

13. Put yourself in the freelance catalogs

is one such platform.

But there are many more – often country-specific.

Just pick the relevant ones and get there.

It will generate some leads – almost passively.

Which one do you want to try the most?

Let me know in comments

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