How to Learn a High-income Skill

Learning a high-income skill may be very different from learning almost anything else. It's hard, the process is nonlinear, frustrating, and painful.

Those all are also the signs that that process is effective. Below are the best ways how to maximize that effectiveness.

1. Learn it every day

Where to find time for it? Early mornings or late nights.
...when the rest of the world is silent.
Action step: Pick a morning or night and design your day in a way you have time for that.

2. Stick to it

Consistency is enormously important.
It will be frustrating at times and you will think about quitting...
Quitting is easy. Keepers will win.

Action steps

3. Have a goal in mind before you even start

Why should you define the goal that much early on?

1. You will be much more motivated to learn.
2. You will know what to focus on = you will be able to do an 80/20 analysis on the subject you're about to learn.
Action step: Write down what's your "end goal".

4. Choose the right materials

If you're starting from scratch I believe it's best to pick one beginner's course or book and absorb it all.
How to pick the good one?
1. Have a goal in mind.
2. Google.
3. Try to pick a course that is built around solving real problems.

5. Start working on the real project as soon as possible

This is probably the most important part.
It's also why I told you to have the goal in mind before even starting. The courses are nice. But nothing will teach you as much as real projects will.
Action step: Do it.

6. Use > = < approach

The legendary USA MMA fighter Frank Shamrock defined this system.
> You want to learn from someone who is better.
= You want to have a partner on your skill level.
< You want someone "worse" who can you help to.
Start with > and add = and < later on.

To sum it up:

1. Learn it every day
2. Stick to it
3. Have a goal in mind before you even start
4. Choose the right materials
5. Pickup the real project as soon as possible
6. Use < = > approach

Thanks for reading!

Which part of this process do you think is the most influential?

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