How to Start a Newsletter For Free And Grow It to The Stars

Let's start with WHY should you start a newsletter?

There are many reasons (I believe) why you should start a newsletter:

What will you need to start it?

1. Funnel
2. Lead magnet
3. Email provider
4. System of writing emails
We will look closely at all of these parts.

1. Funnel

The people need somehow to find out that your newsletter even exists.
Pick one way how people will find out your newsletter exists.
Then focus on optimizing and building it.

2. Lead magnet

People give you access to contact them whenever you will want.
Not a small thing.
A lead magnet is sth you provide them in return for that.
Create a high value:
And give it away for free.

P.S. You can check this blog landing page to see what I mean.

How to Start a Newsletter For Free And Grow It to The Stars

3. Email provider

Once you got a lead magnet you need an email provider.

I spent some serious time researching the best ones and @MailerLite is the winner.

But there are many options, pick whatever suits you.

Once you have:
  • Funnel
  • Lead magnet
  • Email provider

Make a Sign-Up landing page for that purpose.

You can make it on your own, or use the @MailerLite ‘s “site option”.

Your list is growing.


The next step is to start sending newsletters/content.

  • Use stats
  • Create a swipe file
  • Set a clear email timetable
  • Make a process of how to build the emails
  • Don’t send emails that you won’t get yourself

Happy growing!

Do you consider starting a newsletter?

👇 Let me know in comments.

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