Deeper Generation proposal

Dear Remy,

It was great to speak with you about your new project which has the potential to positively impact thousands of people.

Having all that we discussed in mind, please find below the budget I’ve
estimated based on the scope of the services required (and described).

If you have any questions about pricing or need to increase or decrease the scope of
work, please just let me know.

I appreciate the opportunity to send you this proposal and I look forward to working
with you!

Voj Bruk (Freedom Designer)

Development phasis

Creative Idea

1st phase: Working Landing Page

Digital Agreement

2nd phase: Blog


3rd phase: Scaling + Monetization

what does the landing page (1st phase) consist of?

Design set up


Keeping in touch

Going live



Timeframe of the 1st phase: ~ 4 weeks

1st week

2nd week

3rd week

4th week

price Estimate



Total Price of the Working Landing page (1st phase)


Deposit is 35% = $300

The price already includes 20% off for the academy members.

2nd phase (Blog) price estimation


3rd phase (resources + scalling up) price estimation


Possible (future) expenses - maintance fees?