Program yourself: Design your freedom as you were a robot

You can be programed. Why and How to take advantage of this?

You have to believe you're more a character in the game than a snowflake.

Let's take The Sims.
Imagine you're both the player and the character in the game itself.
Character does and feels, but the player can influence what...
This is immensely powerful.
program yourself

 If you're both the character AND the person who controls the character you have the power.

You can choose an end state for your character:
And then as a person who's in control make sure the character will get there. In other words, you can program yourself.

Once the person in control (YOU) recognized the patterns, you can design the way for your character (also YOU) to embrace the same pattern.

Example: You realize that most "happy" people hit the gym regularly..-> You design a way for your character to do it as well.

Your character is lazy but you know he will feel much better when it's done

That's the first cue. You also noticed that once it's a habit people seem to enjoy it. So you will just need to manipulate your character to make it through the first month.
@JonHaidt uses the analogy that our mind is like a little boy riding the elephant.The little rider is our rational self, the elephant is our unconscious/emotional self.The rider can't "force" the elephant to go somewhere.The elephant is too strong and big for that.
He somehow has to make the elephant want to go where he wants by itself.He has to program him.The same way you have to program your character.So (s)he wants a change you want for him himself/herself. Don't force it
program yourself as you were a robot
So with exercising example: Tell your character the only thing that needs to be done is go to the gym every day right before dinner and at least to put the training shoes on.Whether he will/won't exercise is upon him.The nice dinner will be there no matter the result.
Yes, when comes to programming the literature on habits is extremely [email protected] - The Power of [email protected] - How to Fail At Almost Everything And Still Win Big In [email protected] - Atomic Habitsare my three best recommendations.
My three best recommendations.

To sum it up:

1. Realize you'rere BOTH the character and the person who controls the character. You can program yourself.
2. Decide what you want for your character.
3. Recognize the patterns with people who got it.
4. Program your character so (s)he adopts the same patterns you found.

Bonus: Detachment.What do I mean by it?

1. Stop
2. Try to see your character from the bird perspective
3. "Objectively" decide what's the best for it. You aren't just the character in the mirror. You have access to this form of higher consciousness as well.
Use it.
@ComedicBizman taught me a great hack: using the mindfulness bell.Get the Chrome extension: Bell of Mindfulness, or download the mobile app.Set it up (1/hour).Every time it rings, look at your character from the birth perspective.And decide what's best for him/her.
Get the Chrome extension: Bell of Mindfulness, or download the mobile app.
Set it up (1/hour).Every time it rings, look at your character from the birth perspective. And decide what's best for him/her.

How does this whole idea sounds to you?

👇 Let me know in comments.

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  1. Man you rock. I came across you on twitter while I searched for everything Nassim Taleb. I really appreciate your twits on twitter. Here, you have raised it a notch up. Really informative what you shared. Thank you! Keep up the good work.

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