How To Make a Recurring Income as a Web Designer

If you answer this question your career will never be the same as it was before.

How to make a reccuring income as a web designer is a question I get a lot, how to make a recurring income as a web designer?

In other words: how to make a recurring income instead of one time sell.

Here are some of my most favorite ones.

Hosting and domain renewing

This one is the most straightforward one.

For the customers, it’s usually painful to keep track of domain registration and hosting and if you offer them a maintenance fee they most probably won’t refuse.

recurring income as a web designer

Extension of the previous one:

Most people expect this is free.

It’s not.

Your time isn’t free.

So you can add this to the basic package and charge an additional $ for it.

SEO services

Especially if they want to host a blog/podcast etc.

SEO will bring them immense value. If it’s done right.


  • Learn it
  • Test it
  • Offer it

You can also outsource it but make sure you know your solution works.

Competition/trends analysis

Every month you will send them a brief summary of

Price it based on your hourly rate.

P.S. Guess who will they hire to implement the suggestions…

recurring income as a web designer

Referral deals with other (great) pros

The list is endless.

Your client gets a service that increases the revenue, others pro get work and you get a fee/are referred to new work.


If you like this idea make sure you check the article on Hollywood model as well!

Which one do you think you can take the advantage of?

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